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If you are going to call northern Wisconsin your home, you’d better embrace the camping season . . . winter. Instead of sitting inside complaining about the cold, we were out exploring it. We noticed, though, that the majority of literature devoted to winter camping and, unfortunately, most of the available gear, were adapted from the technical approaches designed for the extreme conditions of modern mountaineering and polar exploration.

Discouraged by the lack of choices in traditional winter camping equipment, we turned our passion into Snowtrekker® Tents. That was 20 years ago. At about the same time, the Winter Wilderness Companion was released (later reissued as the Snow Walker’s Companion), which quickly turned into the go-to resource. It is still considered the most comprehensive guide to winter camping with heated tents and traditional gear. Clearly, we weren’t the only people looking for alternatives to the modern norm.

Much of the northern wilderness known as "canoe country" is as much water as land. In winter, the labyrinth of lakes, muskegs and bogs is transformed into a network of smooth, level pathways. It should come as no surprise that the same indigenous peoples who developed and refined the canoe for water travel also perfected tools and techniques necessary for enduring this unique terrain in its harsher winter guise. The key to their elegant and efficient mode of winter travel lies in teaming the snowshoe with the toboggan.

This traditional approach allows you to very easily pull the equivalent of your body weight in equipment rather than having to carry equipment on your back. This additional capacity, and the ease of travel while using a toboggan, means you can pack a roomier tent and a wood stove for heat, making possible a surprising level of winter comfort, convenience and safety. Here at Snowtrekker® Tents, traditional winter camping skills and gear are the foundation of our products, yet we acknowledge that there is as much to be learned from Will Steger as there is from Cal Rutstrum. We draw our inspiration from the older traditions while keeping an eye on innovations in contemporary materials.

Snowtrekker® Tents maintains a strict, sustained commitment to provide only gear of the highest quality and durability to withstand the most demanding winter environments in which it is designed to perform, safely and reliably. This is our mission. And yes, we proudly build our tents in the USA.

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