Canadian Shield (a warm weather tent)
Canvas Tent


The Canadian Shield - I can not make a technical argument in favor of using a cotton tent in the warm months of canoe and car camping season.  There are many arguments for using cotton tents for winter hot tenting.  The Canadian Shield has been a labor of love on my part.  There have been many ideas and prototypes that preceded this design.  Again, why cotton? I guess it comes down to those who love camping under canvas to know. (Duane, tent designer)

The Canadian Shield is a warm weather tent with a full mosquito net front wall to allow cool breezes in.  It zips down the center and along the bottom sides to provide easy access inside and out. The leg poles have adjustable end sections to allow for uneven terrain.

There is no stove jack option on this tent.

A nylon tent fly - Even though a tent fly is not necessary with a cotton tent, in rain the fly keeps the tent drier.  Water repellent cotton tents shed water.  However, the cotton fabric does absorb moisture.  Keeping the tent dry reduces the increase in weight due to the water absorption.  The fly is made out of 210 Denier coated nylon pack cloth.

Canadian Shield (a warm weather tent) Details



Ridge Height: 54"
Ridge Length: 66"

Tent Weight: 7.5 lbs
Frame Weight: 5.3 lbs
Total Weight: 12.8 lbs

Tent loosely folded: 24x12x4

Frame: bungee corded poles break down to 24x4

Tent Fly


Frame & Setup

Depending on the tent model you order, your frame may be slightly different in size and length.

Tent Options

Additional Door

One door not enough? Order your Snowtrekker tent with an additional door.

Because it requires custom sewing, this must be added at time of purchase.

Mosquito Netting Door

This is a zippered door for easy access. The door is attached to the tent with Velcro so that in non-bug seasons, the entire door can simply be removed.

Retrofit an existing tent for an additional $80.

Mosquito Netting Window

(18" X 18") The window is permanently installed with a window flap that has a generous overlap.

Retrofit an existing tent for an additional $50.

Stove Jack Hole Cover

Thinking you may use the tent without the stove? This cover is made out of the same material as the tents- it Velcros on the outside allowing it to be removed while the stove is in use.

Retrofit an existing tent for an additional $50.

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