snowtrekker canvas tents
light weight Snowtrekker Outfitter canvas tent for elk hunting or base camping with internal frame, side wall pickets and strong guy-out lines

Snowtrekker® EXP Outfitter

With an impressive footprint, our Outfitter tent stands in a class by itself. With 36" sidewalls, 7’3” ridge, and a 6’ tall walk-through door with 2 zipper pulls, this tent was designed for those seeking a tent used primarily for base-camping comfort or large group winter camping expeditions. The Outfitter is built with our custom 7 ounce canvas and utilizes our functional interior frame design providing you with the maximum amount of usable, unobstructed living space. For a tent this size and its anticipated extended stay use, we have designed a frame to match. We have also incorporated 36" side-wall pickets on the outside to serve as additional structural support and guy-out points for the tent. The EXP Outfitter accommodates up to 6 adults on sleeping pads or 4 with standard army cots.

3 Person - 10'X10.5'
4+ Person - 10'X13'
6 Person - 10'X15'


Ridge Height:
Ridge Length:
Sidewall Height:
Tent Weight:
Frame Weight:
Total Weight:

18 lbs.
10.6 lbs.
28.6 lbs.

20 lbs.
13 lbs.
33 lbs.

26 lbs
14 lbs
40 lbs

Average Tent Pack Size
24" long, 20" wide, 10" deep

Average Frame Pack Size
30" long, 8" diameter

Tent package includes tent with stove jack and frame. Frame comes with a pole bag. Tent bags are sold separately.

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