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Meet the creators of Snowtrekker®.

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We—Duane and Margot Lottig—have always loved the outdoors and felt a deep connection to the land. We started our life together operating a small dairy farm in Wisconsin, going against the flow and farming with draft horses. Though we loved the lifestyle, it was hard to compete with the increased trend toward industrial size farming. So, we sold our dairy farm, bought a canoe and moved to NW Wisconsin with our three young sons in 1992. Our family spent summers canoe-camping in Canada and winters hot-tent camping all over northern Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada. However, Duane could never find a canvas tent for winter camping he was happy with. The solution? Buy a commercial sewing machine and make his own.

Snowtrekker Tents began in our garage and has always been a part of our family’s day to day life. Over the years, as the business has grown and we've have gotten older, it was always our dream to keep Snowtrekker in the family. As we move towards retirement, we would like to introduce our sons—the next generation of Snowtrekker Tents. Each son is involved with Snowtrekker and it's what has allowed us to continue as a family owned and operated business. Jonah, our youngest son, is our full time Operations Manager and runs the day to day business. He’s the voice you hear when you call. Noah, our eldest, is our tech expert, and works with product design. Eli, our middle son, is our in-field tester and assists with research and development.

Today, Snowtrekker® Tents helps thousands of people enjoy paradise below zero (or at least below freezing!) in the safety and comfort of the heat-able canvas tents they call "hot tents."

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