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With design refinements that add ease of set-up and overall tent perfection, the new Snowtrekker® canvas tents continue to maintain their status as the flagship of winter camping tents.

When Snowtrekker® canvas tents were designed over 20 years ago, every one of their features were carefully planned and tested to withstand the rigorous demands of the winter elements. Their modified wedge design combat wind and snowload from every direction and their smaller overall interior volume increase heating efficiency while maintaining maximum floor print area.

Functional living space is achieved with an interior frame that matches the slope of the walls and supports the entire ridgeline of the tent. Furthermore, this design makes the tent freestanding and easy to set up, even solo. Add to this the next generation of guy-lines and Snowtrekker tents set up remarkably tight.

An asymmetrical oval door is structurally integrated into the tent and allows the entryway to be heightened providing easier entrance/exit. Additionally, the door flap closes with a single vertical zipper but has 2 zipper pulls to allow opening from the top or bottom.

Of course, we’ve kept the time-proven features including 7 ounce tight weave, high thread count canvas, reinforced stress points, and 12” wide synthetic snow flaps. Tent package includes tent with stove jack and frame. Tent bags and tent stakes are sold separately.

Snowtrekker® Tents are Handmade in the USA

Tent Sizes

There's a size for every use case. From widths and heights to side walls and more, you'll be able to find a tent which fits your needs.

With so many use cases, it may be a challenge to get a one size fits all situation in choosing a tent model or size. The team at Snowtrekker have a lot of knowledge and experience in helping people choose both tent model and size to suit their needs. Give us a call - we are very happy to help anyone choose a Snowtrekker tent to suit their needs.

Tent Frames

Our tent frames are made from Easton Aluminum tent poles. All poles have an internal bungee cord system. These tent poles are the highest quality tent poles available- light and strong. We have over 15 years experience using Easton tent poles.

Tent Doors

Our doors are a modified oval with a single center zipper on the door flaps. All tents come with 2 zipper pulls installed so the top of the door can be unzipped when closed for ventilation.

Tent Guy-out Lines

The newest update to Snowtrekker® tents is our new guy-out line plastic clips. No more lacing guy-out poles through the black neoprene guy-out loops. The new, bright orange clips just snap on and snap off. The plastic resin used to mold these clips is rated to -40 degrees F. The black neoprene guy-out loops are used on back wall guy-outs. If you wish to upgrade your Snowtrekker® tent that you currently own, these clips will work perfectly on your existing Snowtrekker®. We sell clips separately to retrofit older Snowtrekker tents.

Tent Fabric

Light-weight fabric with high thread count and a tight weave.

Our custom woven 7 oz cotton is treated with marine grade, preshrunk Sunforger for water repellency and mildew resistance, the industry benchmark for canvas treatments. Our fabric is also treated with flame retardancy to CPAI-84 standards.

We at Snowtrekker® will never claim our tents to be water-proof; in fact, a water-proof fabric would be the worst choice for winter tent designs. Our water repellant cotton sheds water on the outside while allowing water vapor to pass through preventing condensation on the inside. Waterproof? No. Dry? Yes! Ah, the beauty of natural fabrics!

Snowtrekker® Tent Models

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