Portable Tent Stoves

Lightweight, portable, wood stove heat.

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We are proud to offer portable wood stoves designed for winter camping. Functional, efficient, economical and built to last. These stoves are designed to work best with Snowtrekker® winter camping tents. Extensive field testing has proven these stove's durability and reliability.

Made from 22 gauge sheet steel, the original tent stove material. Our stoves are made by Kni-Co Mfg with our custom designed snow float legs- not standard on Kni-Co stoves. The stoves are drop shipped from the manufacturer.

Stove Package: includes damper pipe, cast iron damper, 4 section nesting stove pipe, spark arrestor, side shelf, and adjustable stove pipe elbow.

Small $340

Length: 19"
Width: 10"
Height: 9"
Setup Height: 15"
Stove Pipe: 4"
Package Weight: 22.0 lbs

Medium $355

Length: 19"
Width: 12"
Height: 12"
Setup Height: 18"
Stove Pipe: 5"
Package Weight: 26.0 lbs

Large $375

Length: 24"
Width: 12"
Height: 12"
Setup Height: 19"
Stove Pipe: 5"
Package Weight: 31.0 lbs

NOTE: Package weight includes stove, side shelf, all stove pipe, cast iron damper and elbow and spark arrestor. It is not a packaged weight ready for shipping.

See stove related items on the Accessories Page

*Setup Height refers to the distance from the ground to the top of the stove when set up.

Stove Options

Snowtrekker Stovepipe Thermometer

Snowtrekker's magnetic surface thermometer is specially calibrated to measure temperatures on single-wall stovepipes. It shows safe flue temperatures at a glance. Rich black porcelain enamel with classic design featuring white and red temperature zones. Rugged steel case for long life.

Stovepipe thermometer


Stove Hearth

Our portable stove hearths provide a fire proof barrier between your floor and stove. Constructed of hi-temp fabric rated to 1000° F. Rolls up easily for storage to 24X3.

Stove Hearth


Stove Heat Reflector

When suspended under our stoves, our heat reflectors [made from aluminized fiberglass cloth] virtually eliminate radiant heat from the bottom of the stove. The material, aluminized fiberglass cloth, is light and rolls up easily to fit inside your stove for transport. When combined with our stove hearth, you can greatly reduce the melting of snow and ice under your stove. This is especially nice when you set up camp on lake ice.

Small Stove Heat Reflector


Medium Stove Heat Reflector


Large Stove Heat Reflector


Wood Stove Pipe Support

Wood stove pipe support for quick and easy support of your stove pipe.

Wood Stove Pipe Support Kit 3-4"


Wood Stove Pipe Support Kit 4-5"


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