Mega Crew
Canvas Tent

Photo: Jim Berton

The Mega Crew  is the newest member of the Snowtrekker® family of tents.  We have worked for several years developing a truly large group tent.  The Mega Crew is the final result of this quest.  The simplicity in design of our Crew tents coupled with the spaciousness of a large wall tent is created in the Mega Crew.

The largest of the "Mega" tents incorporates a 1 3/4" aluminum tube frame that breaks down into less than 3' sections.  It still maintains a total weight of under 50 lbs.  

13x13 Mega Crew - the newest model in the series is ideal for base camping and/or large groups:  3-4 people on cots and up to 6 on ground pads

This size is the 3rd in our line-up of Mega Crews.  Because of the ridge length, we are able to use our 7/8" Easton tent poles which reduces the volume of poles and makes it more packable.  It is strong in winds and coupled with the tent fly sheds snow well.

The Mega Crew tents are available in 13'x13' 13'X15' and 13'X18'.  

Our tents do not have a floor.  Please see our ground tarp page for options.

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Mega Crew Details



5 on ground pads   -  3 on cots

Ridge Height: 116"
Ridge Length: 79.6"

Tent Weight: 22.3 lbs
Frame Weight: 15.2 lbs
Total Weight:  37.5 lbs

We recommend the Large stove for this tent. When using a straight pipe exiting the tent we recommend using a spark arrestor. 

The tent designed for Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas/Beau Baty offers a package deal  and includes options for pannier packing that we do not offer



6 on ground pads   -  4 on cots

Ridge Height: 102"
Ridge Length: 99"

Tent Weight: 26 lbs
Frame Weight: 24 lbs
Total Weight:  50 lbs

 Poles pack to 36" long x 13" diameter.  Tent folds to 33" long x 15" wide x 8" high

We recommend the Large stove for this tent



7-8 on ground pads   - 4-5 on cots 

Ridge Height: 102"
Ridge Length: 132"

Tent Weight: 26.5 lbs
Frame Weight: 24 lbs
Total Weight: 52.2 lbs

 Poles pack to 36" long x 13" diameter.  Tent folds to 33" long x 17" wide x 9" high

We recommend the Tundra Break Down stove from Kni-Co.  We do not carry this stove

Tent package includes tent with frame, new guy-out clips and 5" stove jack. Frame comes with a pole bag. Tent bags are sold separately.

Mega Crew 13x13 Tent


Mega Crew 13x15 Tent


Mega Crew 13x18 Tent


Frame & Setup

Depending on the tent model you order, your frame may be slightly different in size and length.

Tent Options

Additional Door

One door not enough? Order your Snowtrekker® tent with an additional door.

Because it requires custom sewing, this must be added at time of purchase.

Additional Door


Mosquito Netting Door

This is a zippered door for easy access. The door is attached to the tent with Velcro so that in non-bug seasons, the entire door can simply be removed.

Velcro Added to Inside Door


Mosquito Net Door


Mosquito Netting Window

(18" X 18") The window is permanently installed with a window flap that has a generous overlap.

Add a plastic window that Velcros to the mosquito net window for an additional $70.00

Clear plastic window with no mosquito netting $100.00. This is permanently installed.

Clear Window Add To Mosquito Net Window


Clear Plastic Window


Mosquito Net Window


Plastic full zip door

Our clear plastic door Velcros into place just as our mosquito net door for easy removal when not needed. It has the full center zipper for easy access in and out of the tent.

Clear Full Zip Plastic Door


Stove Jack Hole Cover

Thinking you may use the tent without the stove? This cover is made out of the same material as the tents- it Velcros on the outside allowing it to be removed while the stove is in use. NOTE: THE STOVE JACK COVER MUST BE REMOVED WHEN USING A STOVE. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD CAUSE THE FABRIC TO BURN AND DAMAGE THE STOVE JACK/TENT. DO NOT STORE IN THE EVE ON THE TENT.

StoveJack Hole Cover


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