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ATV and Winter Camping in Snowtrekker Tent

2 Days ATVing and Winter Camping in a Snowtrekker® Canvas Tent with a Woodstove!

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The Snowtrekker Community has made many videos about their experiences with our canvas tents. Here are a few of our favorite videos.

Climbing at Silver Peak

Two guides from The Land tackle Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park Park during a four day winter backcountry trip this New Years. The staggering white quartzite of the ancient La Cloche Range normally presents a high contrast backdrop against the boreal forest, but is blanketed in white when you hike in January.

Fall Camping, Fishing, and Cooking In A SNOWTREKKER Wall Tent

The Solotripper crew went four days living in the new Snowtrekker® 11’ x 12’ wall tent, deep in the heart of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

Fingers Crossed

The last frontier was our final destination goal from the beginning of the season. Alaska, one of the global meccas of backcountry snowboarding. A mission of a journey along the entire way. Camping in a Snowtrekker® tent on the Haines pass, snowmobiling deep into the mountains, climbing the big beautiful snowy faces, gaining knowledge through experience, and riding humbling lines that we could have only ever imagined. AK is a life experience.

Killarney Winter Trek

Author, Kevin Callan, heds out with Lure of the North for a winter trek up Silver Peak in Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario.

Minnesota Bound

Snowtrekker® Tents manufacturing and wilderness camping in your “own backyard” in Douglas County.

Snowboarding and Winter Camping

With a tough snow year in Whistler BC and a very limited budget, Claudia (a professional snowboarder) embarked on a journey from Colorado to Alaska in search of snow and big lines camping in a Snowtrekker.

Snowtrekker® EXP Shortwall

Exploring the winter wilderness in the Argo and camping in the Snowtrekker® Tent.

South is Local

Temps in Duluth were well below zero degrees, so we traveled to southeastern Minnesota's driftless region to fly fish for trout and recharge - Camping in a Snowtrekker®.

Teton Gravity

In season 5 episode 10 of Teton Gravity Research's web series Almost Live, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Angel Collinson, Todd Ligare, Ian Mcintosh and the rest of the TGR crew arrive at Fantasy Camp. Lead Teton Gravity Research guide, Kent Scheler, teams up with Alaska Alpine Adventures, AK West Air, Coastal Helicopters and Snowtrekker Tents to create a remote mountain production headquarters.

Winter Camp in Hokkaido, Japan

Another solo winter camping video series of "Follow Me Outdoor: Hakkaido Japan". Recorded in January 2018 in Hokkaido, Japan. Follow Me Outdoors.

Winter Camping In Canada

Winter Camping in Canada. An extreme wilderness living in a Snowtrekker® Basecamp Tent.

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