Care For Your Snowtrekker® Tent


Snowtrekker® Tents must be completely dry before packing away to prevent mildew from forming.  NEVER store a tent when damp. Never keep a tent set up for long periods of time in a location where it will not dry out


If you must!

  1. Use clean tap water with a soft brush, OR

  2. Clean with tap water from house using spray nozzle

  3. Brush with medium soft bristle brush


  • DO NOT use solvents, soaps or detergents

  • Washing or scrubbing the tent will have an adverse effect on the flame retardant and water repellency finish

  • Petroleum and/or kerosene fumes may adversely effect the treatment of the fabric

  • Care should be taken to keep fabric clean from any foreign substances, especially acid forming chemicals and staining

  • If fabric has been exposed to salt water, wash with hose using tap water

  • If insect repellent is used around the tent fabric, do not spray directly on fabric.  An agent in most sprays as a propellant will damage water repellent finishes. 

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