Partnering with Beau Baty, Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

Snowtrekker is excited to announce a partnership with Beau Baty from Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas. For over a year Snowtrekker has been working with Beau Baty, owner of Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, to develop lightweight, pannier packable canvas wall tents for use in the far reaches of the backcountry. Snowtrekker has seen a continued growth in the western market for our tents and felt Baty was the right person to on this. In collaboration with Baty, Snowtrekker founder and master tent designer, Duane Lottig, went to work and designed and built Divide Series Tents available exclusively through Wilderness Ridge Trial Llamas.

Beau Baty grew up on his family ranch that has been in his family for over 130 years. Beau spent time working in the oil fields, but always yearned for more time with family camping and hunting in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains. This led Beau to start Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas from the ground up with his wife, Kirsten Baty. It is now the largest pack llama ranch in the United States. Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas offers guided treks during the summer in some of the most famous and spectacular areas in the west and llama rentals in the fall for back country hunting.

Snowtrekker working with Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas was one of those fits that just seems to come naturally. Both businesses are family owned and operated, started from ground up, and born from the same desire to explore the outdoors and wild places. Beau is truly a genuine and kind individual whose hard work and determination has built a business that helps people get out and explore nature. Snowtrekker was built on this same principal of providing the means to explore nature and, at times in some hostile and unforgiving environments, truly allowing people to live outdoors.

We are excited for this partnership. Check out the new Divide Series tents at

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